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    Mie Matsumura



    Matsumura knows how to put the flamenco feeling in the partitula

     (flamenco magazine deflamenco)


    "Pianist of mystery training, enoumous technique, and ...or surprise, unusual rhythm capable of currying an entire flamenco group behind her keyboard like a devision general"

    (flamenco magazine deflamenco)


    Todo es elegante, bello, y delicado. Muy hermoso.

    (Correo Andalucia)

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    Enrique Granados - Suite GOYESCAS  

    Enrique Granados - Suite GOYESCAS  


    AMAZON: https://amzn.to/3rwULJj


    "... その意外に大きな世界を松村が骨太に捉えて秀逸だ。 ..."
    毎日新聞 私の3枚(磯山雅氏)
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    29 April, 2023  Huelva, SPAIN

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